Christiana Harle

img_1418Christiana Harle is a powerful woman. She has a direct way of expressing herself with a warm humorous touch and self-irony. Christiana is a registered music therapist (SUMUKE), Inspiraktive Breathwork Therapist, shamanic healer and counselor, beekeeper, soap-maker, [recognized as a] Tuvan shaman, and works with the Path of Pollen. She lives in Rääkkylä, North Karelia, Finland in a little red log house in the forest, with a sauna, outdoor toilet and well water. Christiana has been committed to the shamanic path for over twenty-five years.

13615089_10208681833098372_7636208556181966713_nChristiana has been working with spirits/Spirit all her life, learning about the warp and weft of being human and is truly grateful to all the teachers whom she has worked with and learned from, especially her helping spirits. Without them she would not do this work. She had her initiation as a shaman in Tuva ‘94-‘95 when bringing her partner Heimo’s ashes to Tuva. There she worked for and with many old shamans treating the people. Christiana has worked also intensively for several periods with traditional shamans in the Republic of Tuva, Siberia. She is assistant editor of the book “Shamanic Songs and Myths of Tuva” by Mongush Kenin-Lopsan and also made a film on Tuvan life: In the Arms of Buddha and the Drum”.

kiehinen-2Song, Voice – runo – the sacred shamanic song (algysh) are woven into Christiana’s healing work. Dreaming has been a gift since childhood. Christiana has been teaching shamanic workshops for over twenty years, offering shamanic healing, writing key articles and blogs on shamanism, and drum building (drumbirthing) workshops. She combines breathwork therapy, shamanic healing, rebirthing, drum and dance and song in order to help people heal or find their power.  Christiana teaches regularly in Estonia at the Holistika Institute.  She thrives on voice, song, expression and the liberation of repressed expression.  Christiana is also a music therapist from the University of the Pacific, located in Stockton, California. She also has a deep love for making cider and berry wines for the past 3 years.