James Mayfield Smith

Lough Gur in the rowansJames Mayfield Smith is an educational consultant, applied mythologist, and transformation coach.  James has danced with Story, Myth, Metaphor, and Symbol for many years and has surrendered into this path of mythic imagination as a route to personal transformation.  James has also successfully applied mythic insights in the business world of educational publishing, sales training, and creativity.

James offers classes, events, and coaching focused on applying mythic insights and tools to personal and professional development.  You can explore James’ applied mythology work at http://billygoatwisdom.com.  His work includes storytelling, deep listening, emotional processing, somatic release, and sacred ritual.

As a transformation coach, James assists clients in stepping into greater clarity and freedom in their lives.  This often involves letting go of old stories that no longer serve and calling in new symbols, images, and stories for the next stage of their lives.

James in the forest in Ireland, robed