Jeremy Pajer

Pajer GangJeremy shares his passion for personal growth, creativity, and transformation as a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor and Personal Freedom Coach. Jeremy believes that transformation can be playful and lots of fun. He spent the first 6 years of his adult life owning and operating an Italian market and banquet house gaining a great understanding of people and how to be a leader in the business world. Over the last 6 years he co-founded multiple outpatient mental health facility in Nashville TN. Overall he has been working in the recovery field for 13 years and has been a Certified Adventure Based Facilitator for most of that time . He brings his wisdom and love of Native American ceremony, Toltec Teachings, 12 step traditions, and shamanic practices to the field, pouring sweat lodges for the community, teaching workshops, and running regular spiritual creativity groups. He is a Toltec master dreamer and continues an ongoing commitment to the Toltec path leading power journeys to Mexico.10599715_10204108189819242_9080247484787160807_n

He has been initiated as a master fire walker and Certified Fire Walking Instructor. Jeremy has studied under shamans and medicine people of the Lakota traditions for the last 14 years and spends time in South Dakota every summer to participate in ceremony. He has been blessed to carry the sacred pipe and to walk the Sundance way. He spent 8 years creating and living in a spiritual community where he discovered the power of community and co-founded the Freedom Folk and Soul Fest, a Music and Medicine Festival in middle , TN. A true shaman and healer Jeremy has dedicated his life to spiritual growth, truth, and community. He brings an openness and love to life, and is truly a man of service and generosity.

1929421_1103488276037_4080610_nPlease contact Jeremy for additional information regarding, workshops, ceremonies, firewalks, power journeys or personal freedom coaching.


Contact Jeremy at or call 615-478-0916