Jeremy Schewe

IMG_0255As the Founder of Inchanted Journeys, Jeremy has been leading international excursions for 10 years. Jeremy is an ecologist, botanist, conservation biologist, and community activator who has worked around the world for the past 15 years with indigenous and at-risk communities. In this capacity, he has helped to develop sound conservation planning and improved economic opportunities. Jeremy has helped to found several companies including Unaka Environmental, LLC,  and ecobot, LLC. Jeremy is an avid outdoorsman and athlete. He also has 20 years experience practicing and 12 years teaching Qigong and Tao-Yin meditation. Jeremy helps gather energy and people together in powerful, and often, life-changing multimedia experiences.

As a background, Jeremy has been fully immersed in studies, fieldwork, and teaching of ecology, botany, herbology, shamanism, qigong, and Celtic (also Nordic and Mayan) traditional ecological and mythological knowledge for over twenty years.  Jeremy is a certified herbalist from the Global Academy of Holistic Healing in Flagstaff, Arizona, under the tutelage of Delfina Rose.  With a bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Forest Agriculture from Warren Wilson College, he is an advocate for conservation biology, ecological restoration, and planning projects around the world.  Jeremy has an inherent connection with plant spirits and natural communities, performing ecological, biological, botanical, and wetland surveys as well as conducting ecological restoration projects around the world.

a8htqZ-jFIkBc3phgfveGana77wHX_oieEvmUHiqqZ4His ecological work and travels have enabled him to live near, study, and absorb the stories and mysteries surrounding many prehistoric sites such as Neolithic megaliths in Europe, Early and Middle Woodland period ceremonial sites in North America, and Classic Period Mayan sites in Central America.  In addition, he has spent much of his time exploring the Lemurian and Telluric realms hidden within ancient forests, wild lands, waterfalls, spray cliffs, and coastlines, as well as eco-cultures, across North America, Europe, Latin America, and the South Pacific.   As a record keeper of Celtic traditional ecological lore, Jeremy has co-hosted the cross-quarter Celtic fire holidays perennially for over 10 years in Asheville, North Carolina, while also leading contemporary Celtic rituals, founding the Wildman & Wildsoul retreats, teaching Celtic mysteries, and leading pilgrimages to sacred sites.   He has also taught college level ecology courses and is a certified Qigong instructor through the Institute for Integral Qigong & Tai Chi (IIQTC) in Santa Barbara, California, and has been teaching weekly classes and workshops for 12 years.   Currently, Jeremy is tracking the fluid and dynamic nature of time.

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