Kennedy OneSelf

Kennedy’s humble beginnings sparked when a friend held his vibrating didgeridoo over her heart. Her response was enough to inspire him down a long path of devotion to vibration. Discovering that the symphonic ancestry of sound merged with the emerging potentiality of  receptive consciousness births an evolution into awareness he cultivated a vibrational container for deepening into the soul through self-exploration.

An over-active mind is the source of many of life’s miseries, and simply by relaxing the mind this dis-ease is relieved. Meditation is the greatest medicine. An immersion into soothing sounds is a powerful bridge to assist in the journey.

Focusing on encouraging relaxation, Kennedy works with a variety of sounds, teaching meditation in places like substance abuse treatment centers, drug rehabs, and prenatal alcoholism programs. Coupling a uniquely charismatic approach to the subject of awareness with the potency of mind-easing tones, countless seeds have been planted in troubled youth to discover their own empowered path.

Kennedy has also created a resonance chamber inside of his van that became his mobile sound healing studio. He designed the space to fit each of his instruments(didgeridoos, singing bowls, gongs, flutes, drums, shakers, bells etc) as well as building a wall sized unity harp(Two-toned, 49 stringed choir of resonance, vibrating in harmonic frequencies). creating a whole landscape of sound in a focused potency that reminds the soul of it’s limitless essence. These 1 or 2 person sessions are an immersion into sound vibration.

“My offering is to facilitate in the recollection of awareness. And after years of this dedication to serving the arising awakening, the great one self, this is what I have found to be the most powerful bridge between the tangible and intangible, temporary and infinite. I am honored to be on this healing path, that reminds us all of who we truly are.”