Lena Ruark-Eastes

Deeply committed to the Earth Path, Lena is passionate about celebrating this life on amazing planet earth. Lena was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Lena graduated from University of North Carolina at Asheville with a degree in Cross Cultural Sustainability. She has a Permaculture Design Certificate, and graduated from the Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness Program at the Regenerative Design Institute. She is the founder and director of Earth Path Education (est. 2008), where we help grow a culture of listening to the earth as our wisest mentor through facilitating deep Nature Connection with children and adults and guiding girls through their Rites of Passage into womanhood. The programming she has designed and implemented for girls and young women is very unique in that the empowerment and connection begins when a girls is 8 and supports them for the next decade until they are 18 and taking a leadership role in the organization.



Lena leads a transformative earth skills and ceremonial arts yearlong immersion for adult women called Women Rewilding. Lena has recently become a mother, and enjoys playing with her daughter Naia Grace on the homestead she tends with her beloved husband Sam, Earth Song. They also recently started a flower farm called Blossoming Hearts and can be found singing to the plants, making bouquets, planting more fruit trees and falling ever so madly in love with the great mystery of the natural world. Lena’s passion for travel, indigenous rights, traditional ecological knowledge and cultural and ecological health and regeneration is coalescing in her joining Inchanted Journeys as a guide on one of the Guatemala Eco-Adventure & Service Trips in March 2019.


She co-founded of School of the Traveler, a backpacking and cultural guide organization in Copper Canyon, Northern Mexico. Lena is a proficient Spanish speaker. She has guided university students on trips to the mountains, rivers and caves of North Carolina and beyond, through the highly respected UNC Asheville Outdoors Program. She empowered youth working with Free the Children– the largest youth-led organization in the world– as the Regional Network coordinator for the Southeast.


In 2013-14, Lena directed a Nature Awareness Program through the Riekes Center on Human Enhancement and guided Silicon Valley youth into the redwoods and into greater nature connection. Lena loves mentoring, singing, lightning bugs, growing food, foraging, running, dancing, ancestral crafts, deep breaths, bringing people together and waterfalls. Lena has taught music at the Children’s Earth School and Spanish, Music, handcraft and Nature Connection at The Learning Village in 2015-2017. She initiated and annually organizes Soil Sisters, the young women’s program for the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference and the Moon Maidens young women’s program at the Spirit Weavers Gathering.