Phoenix Zefirah

Phoenix is a visionary, dedicated to the health and well being of humanity. Through her years of continuous service in purification, artistic expression, light language rituals, and devotional dance, she has assisted in developing a fundamental blueprint that reflects a sustainable way of living in harmony with nature, as a reflection of our inner-selves.

This blueprint began its physical construction in 2016 on 30 acres in Weaverville North Carolina. This land project is called Azura where Phoenix and her partner Ashaweh have built the first dome structure that will act as a ceremony space and retreat center for transformational healing and learning. They next intend on building an event space, temple, school, spa, and small farm and apiary.

Phoenix is a devotee to the path of the Melissae, which is a timeless mystery school in reflection of the honey bee and our multi-dimensional relationship with these life giving beings. She is an active oracle and dreamer bringing forth wisdom from beyond the veil while bridging the new earth in sight and embodiment. She is currently learning how to heal colony collapse disorder by shamanically dreaming with and rewilding the bees to their natural state of beeing.

Growing up with various challenges, she began her early years without most of her hearing, in deep silence, observing the world through eyes wide awake. As well learning the lesson that true beauty of god is found deep within in reflection to being born with a large birthmark on her face, which she later got removed physically but not psychologically. She has learned to empower her empathic nature to assist in the healing journey of herself and others alike. Artistically spirited, she grew up in a system that did not meet her learning abilities, which inspired her devotion to creating a harmonious toroidal field educational system for all walks of life.

At the age of 21 she received shaktipot, and began her devotion to the path of purity and peace. She is a student of love and continues to embody the ways of the initiate in communion with the quantum and timeless essence of existence. Using this connection to channel and bring forth the wisdom from beyond the veil.

Phoenix specializes in many forms of healing; from dance and written word, to anointing rituals and light language ceremony.She is also enrolled in a Quantum Hypnosis educational system where she will use her skills to assist in bringing people into trance to discover their own connection to source code within.