Rob Lenfestey

Rob 2Yoga Slacker…Ninja…Forest Elf…Jedi…Wildman…Ecologist…AcroYogi….

‘Rob Lenfestey brings a wide spectrum of practices together for his retreats, workshops and performances.  With offerings ranging from Musical Performance to Slackline, Wilderness Yoga to Deep Ceremony, Rob invites us to reconnect to our powerful creative essence and embody the spirit of Play’.

-Dana Holland 2012

Rob thrives on the threshold of innovative inspiration.  Through his convergence, practice Rob combines deep powerful breathwork practices inspired by the work of the Iceman Wim Hof and deep re-connection to nature to reawaken the innate connection to the natural world around us… and inside of us.  Through a creative and Play-centric blending of empowering practices and exercises, Rob endeavors to help people reconnect to the powerful, creative, and thriving spirit within so they can become greater stewards of the living world and humanity’s rightful place within it.

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