Sanni Pääkkönen


SanniSanni is a yoga teacher, Reiki Master and massage therapist. Born and raised in Finland, she has a deep connection with nature and endless curiosity to explore how to function in greater harmony with the web of life. A world traveler, spiritual seeker and devoted yogi her work in holistic health is inspired by many colorful indigenous cultures and traditions she has experienced. Since childhood her passion has been movement, dance and outdoor activities as a form of expression and self growth. A fundamental interest in Eastern philosophy has led her to study the connection between mind, body and spirit, focusing primarily on sport and health sciences at university. Seasonally, Sanni leads ecological adventure trips in Europe for other travel and retreat companies, helping people to experience different cultures in responsible way.13450857_10154161247747088_8069881647858258268_n

Sanni encourages people to dive deep into the secrets of their bodies and step into their power. Sanni has completed 280 hours of yoga teacher training in USA rounding up her holistic healing work with shamanic and spiritual practices, breathwork and mindfulness training, Reiki energy work, Tibetan regression therapy as well as Neuro-Lymphatic and Abdominal massage being able to help with all physical, emotional, mental and energetic layers of body. Sanni holds space for releasing stagnant energy and suppressed emotions as well as clearing traumatic and karmic imprints in cellular level. She helps people to remember their life purpose, bring more love into their creation and enter into personal transformation to align with the true self.

13432163_10154161261392088_8318889815815667220_n13417484_10154161261347088_6119615594730179001_nSanni practices core-shamanism on a daily basis and her interest is in learning about the wisdom and rituals of indigenous cultures on the Earth. She thinks that understanding and working with the cycles of life, nature and its elements through ceremonies and offerings, chanting and dancing as well as conscious living is a powerful way to bring people into state of balance and harmony. Sanni is currently studying Permaculture as well as Nutritional Herbalism, which deepens her work with the elements and natural medicine of the Earth. Sanni’s core belief is that all the people have the ability to maintain a balance within themselves through more conscious mindful living and raising awareness of their full potential. She believes that by finding inner harmony and connecting with nature one can come into peace with their surroundings, empower others and bring love and joy into their heart centers where ever they go.

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