Susan Angelo

Sue-headshots-Round-081-215x300Sue Angelo created Shamanic Spirit Song over the past 10 years blending her natural intuitive gifts with her training as a Shamanic and Energy practitioner. Sue studies and practices Native America, Peruvian, and West Africa Traditions of Shamanism.  She is certified by the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and is a certified Reiki Master. She worked in women’s health care for 30 years. Sue believes being witnessed and held in community amplifies the healing and change we all crave. By partnering with each other and nature, this work can be done more powerfully and gracefully. For many years, Sue lived by survival instinct and fear. Ten years ago, Sue reached a turning point. Sue like many found herself seeking more joy, meaning and a healthier relationship with herself and others. Though indigenous and shamanic teachings her life has been profoundly changed and now she is inspired to work with others committed to realizing their authentic selves and deepest desires.

As long term professional in women’s health as a mammography technologist, Sue has always had a passion for helping people through the health process. This expanded during her 30 years to include a growing exploration of alternative techniques and more heartfelt ways to navigate our health care process.Sue

She became a Reiki Master while studying with her teacher, Lisa Campion, with whom she also trained in Psychic Development. Sue attended the three-year Healer Training Program at Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine School, and became a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner. Sue studied with Initiated Elder Ann Sousa learning the Divination Cloth and the Dagara Cosmology which comes from Malidoma Some and Burkia Faso in West Africa. She also studied The Four Forces and the principles and skills of conscious evolution with Trish Blain. And was trained to gift the Munay-Ki Rites by Heather Ensworth,PhD and Gail Byrnes, Mac, Lic.Ac. at the Rising Moon Healing Center.

Sue has explored many different modalities, however when she was introduced to indigenous teachings, there was a heart knowing that she had found a significant path to personal transformation. She began to seriously study and learn about the Native American, West African, and Peruvian Traditions of Shamanism. The rituals she experienced with these Shamanic traditions helped to shift her old wounds in profound ways.

Her connection to the Earth and Nature deepened as she developed into a Shamanic Practitioner. Sue is committed to these studies on an ongoing basis to help herself and her clients; and in conjunction with her other trainings and gifts, she shares the wisdom and honor of assisting others in their transformation.