Calling all wildlings near and far to the cathedral of nature to reclaim your power!


Our passion is connection and belonging.

Our essence is unveiled in experiences that explore sacred purpose.

We host potent events that connect people with people, nature, place, timelessness, reverence, and awe.

Inchanted Journeys hosts regional and international retreats. Through elemental initiations such as firewalks, grief rituals, water ceremonies, shamanic journeys, reciprocity offerings, and vision quests, we invest people with power and a sense of belonging while imparting timeless wisdom teachings.  Our international eco-retreats, journeys, and vision quests focus on cross-cultural pollination, secluded sacred site ceremonies, celestial alignments, and connecting people with their ancestral roots, spirit lines, and dreams.  Currently, we host journeys in the sacred lands of Ireland, Guatemala, Greece, and Israel.  Regionally, Wildman and Wildsoul retreats transform lives.  Wildman retreats are magnetic regional gatherings of men seeking to embody the pure sacred masculine through potent initiations.  Wildsoul retreats are empowering regional gatherings for women and men on the path to illuminating sacred purpose and harmonizing the sacred masculine and feminine. Our community is growing.

Where will you be on the next full moon?