Unaka Environmental

2014 Unaka Env LLC HiResUnaka Environmental, LLC, is our ecological consulting firm based in Asheville, North Carolina, specializing in ecological assessments and ecological restoration services for clients across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.  Unaka Environmental utilizes diverse professional skills and has developed cutting-edge methodologies that facilitate the assessment, conception, design, and implementation of technically sound plans.   Founded in 2005, the firm is managed by a professional ecological scientist and botanist, and advised by several senior scientists including geologists, mycologists, meteorologists, botanists, and taxonomists, as well as physical, civil, and environmental engineers and business managers.   Unaka Environmental, LLC, also draws from a diverse professional network of biologists, environmental consultants, permaculture designers, engineering firms, landscape architects, contractors, and university professors.

Unaka Environmental, LLC, provides regulatory ecological services expertise with proficiency in the following areas:

Natives(1)   Ecological assessments & biological inventories in several application areas including conservation easements, due-diligence studies, baseline ecological inventories, EIS studies, biogenic emissions inventories, invasive species inventories, wetland delineations, stream classifications, Additional Impacts Studies, NEPA, Phase I & II, and Threatened & Endangered species inventories;


(2)   401/404 permit applications for potential impacts to “waters of the United States”; and,

Planting wetlands

(3)   Ecological restoration & design including bioengineering and restoration for stormwater BMPs, streams, wetlands, shorelines, and other natural areas.


(4)   Geospatial Modeling services are also available in addition to Unaka’s expertise in ecological services.  We offer considerable competency in the practical application of ArcGIS, AutoCAD, and statistical and interpretive analysis for ecological studies.

Unaka Environmental, LLC, has provided services on both public and private lands including US military, US National Forests Service, DOT, BLM, BIA, industrial facilities, power companies, botanical gardens, natural areas, preserves, municipal parks, research stations, proposed mobile communications tower locations, colleges, residential developments, and private residential properties. Other clients have included engineering firms and other environmental consulting firms.