Internationally certified Reiki 1-2 level course



Tuesdays November 5, 12, 19 and 26


Private address, Black Mountain, NC


Activate the inner healing capacities, deepen your own practice or healing modalities, purify and balance your life from the inside out, step into your pure potential and share the empowerment with the world.

Course includes:
-16-20 experiential teaching hours (depending on the number of participants)
-two comprehensive manuals
-certificate approved by International Association of Reiki Professionals
– one 45 min pre-course Reiki treatment

Course fee: 450$
Contact Sanni for payment plan options or any other questions

About facilitator:
“I have been honored to share the medicine of Reiki past five years around the globe, deeply investigating and continuously strengthening the channel through direct experience. I have witnessed incredible transformation taking place in peoples lives through this energetic, physical, emotional and mental realignment with the greatest good & pure life force of creation. Honouring my teachers, I am humbled to carry the teachings of one of the purest Reiki lineages that I have encountered on my journeys – one that is deeply merged with Pure Nature and Unconditional Love.

This course is great for those who are ready to step into highly effective and transformative experience with their most intimate highest Self. By cleansing the body-mind-spirit compound from distorted patterns and consciously learning to generate pure frequencies one can claim their space as a sovereign creator being. This course certifies you to work as a Reiki energy healing practitioner, sets you up for a deeper investigation of frequencies manifesting in physical realm and remarkably enhances already practiced healing modalities and activities (bodywork, yoga teaching, gardening etc). ”

Read Sanni’s full bio here:

“Sanni is an incredibly skilled and humble guide in her sharing of wisdom through the heart and spirit. My experience in her Reiki I and II training was inspiring, engaging, and encouraging. Her depth of presence and attention to the process created a truly special container. So grateful!”
– Cassidy Walpole, Reiki 1-2 course

“Sanni shares such a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and intuition that goes beyond technique and information. She is both ancient in her wisdom, and joyous in her playful presence. Through ritual and creating sacred space, she imparts ancient knowledge.
She has learned many sacred practices and knowledge from extensive travel and trainings throughout the world. In both her teaching style and healing work, she is humble and fully present with her listening and deep guidance. She walks her path, embodies her own spiritual growth, and has so many stories and magic to share from her experiences.
I am honored to learn and grow with her, and feel empowered in my path and awakened in my own intuitive magic.”
-Caylin Rose Janet, Reiki 1-2 course

Reiki is thousands of years old energy healing technique that is helping us to channel and embody the healing life force in its full potential. Reiki is thought to have originated as a Tibetan Buddhist practice that was rediscovered in the late 1800’s by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist. It is simple yet extremely powerful technique that is open for anyone to use being passed on by an attunement. The energy itself is a very pure vibration – the closest that we can describe it on physical world is unconditional love.

The attunement process carried on by a Reiki Master opens the chakras (energy centers) creating a special link between you and the Reiki source. It also starts a deep cleansing process that is detoxifying your systems physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. Once you have received an attunement, you will have Reiki as your support for the rest of your life.

Chi (ki) or life force flows within the physical body nourishing the organs and cells of the body and supporting them in their vital functions. When this life force is disturbed, it causes diminished functions in one or more of the organs and tissues of the physical body. In the same way, our thoughts and feelings are also made of Chi and so the negative thoughts, mental patterns and suppressed feelings disturb the flow of life force through our energetic field, aura. Reiki heals by sending positive energy to affected parts clearing stagnant energy and transforming potential blockages allowing the energy to flow freely and well again. Reiki always works for the Highest Good holistically clearing and healing energetic pathways creating healthy and harmonious balance in the all layers of the body.

Reiki training consists of three levels, where each level builds on the one before. The traditional way of teaching Reiki (from Japan) was very specific and structured. However, it is believed that the Tibetans who worked with Reiki did so by connecting with their minds, hearts and intuition. Therefore, Reiki often guides people to work differently according to their abilities.

First level is the introductory to Reiki. On this level, you receive a permanent attunement to the Reiki energy and learn how to connect and send Reiki to yourself and others.

You’ll learn about:

• Different forms of Reiki
• Creating a healing space
• Opening and closing the Reiki channel
• Giving a full Reiki treatment with various hand positions
• Anatomical, physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual effects of Reiki in each body part
• Energetic insights
• Alternative techniques and Japanese Reiki techniques
• Looking after your energetic field, aura (grounding, clearing and protecting)
• Positive affirmations
• Function of chakras (energy centers)

The second level expands your ability to work with the energy and to promote healing on a deeper level. This is initiated through the attunement and facilitated by the use of Reiki symbols. Each symbol reflects and amplifies as aspect of Reiki energy, such as emotional/mental/time & space creating a greater potential for sessions to be guided in more subtle ways. Now, the Reiki energy can also help to heal and balance the blockages manifested for karmic reasons. After Reiki II attunement, many people find their sensitivity to energy increases and they can begin to receive more energetic information during the sessions.

You’ll also learn about:

• Deeper aspects about facilitating healing
• Connecting with the Higher Self
• Pure attention and intention during the sessions
• Receiving messages
• Emphatic healing
• Distant healing
• Creating Reiki frames & photographs
• Energetically scanning the body
• Beaming technique
• Additional symbols and hand positions
• Giving a complete Reiki session using the symbols
• Using Pendulum and making energy center diagnosis
• Deeper physical, emotional and mental connections with inner organs, glands and other body parts

The third level, a Master Teacher, training gives you all the tools to offer Reiki courses for others. You are initiated into the Reiki Master Symbol, which allow you to initiate and attune others into Reiki. This level is recommended for those who feel deeply connected & dedicated to work with Reiki energy and desire to deepen the practice. The course is done over 5-7 weeks (meetings 1-2 times a week). At this degree, more advanced healing techniques are taught:

• Three additional symbols
• Sattvic intention & healing
• Cutting energetic cords
• Psychic surgery
• Healing with crystals
• Activating the eight brain circuits (powerful cleanse & activation of pineal & pituitary glands & third eye)
• The Microcosmic Orbit
• The cell and the environment ¨
• Muscle testing & technique to change belief patterns & pathways in body
• Twelve chakra system
• How to give attunements & teach Reiki courses

As a practitioner of Reiki, when a person becomes Reiki Master, they now take full responsibility for what they do in healing sessions, they also have a responsibility towards those who they attune to the Reiki energy. This is a beautiful but serious step, to be taken with due consideration and sacred care.

The cleanse initiated by the attunement focuses on all the energetic bodies, particularly anything that is blocking the spiritual aspect or your Highest Truth. It lasts for up to six months. Some people find that their life can undergo dramatic transformation in this time (healing crisis). The upheaval is not always pleasant but ultimately creates space for a new and deeper alignment to come into being.

Today I choose to trust
Today I choose live honestly
Today I choose to accept my blessings
Today I choose to live in peace
Today I am respecting All of Life