Embody & Envision – Women’s Reconnection Retreat

Postponed to 2021 – dates coming out soon!

North Carolina

Creative reflection & imaginative potential

Deep nature connection

Elemental exploration activities

Yoga & intuitive movement

Ceremonial sauna & cold plunge

Shamanic journeywork & journaling

Inner vision empowerment

Cacao ceremony & song

Insightful togetherness 

What a whirlwind life is these days. As dynamic as it can be, the breakneck pace of modern living can leave us disconnected from ourselves and the deeper purpose for why we’re so busy in the first place.

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow long, the rhythm of nature invites us to slow down and look within ourselves. Through intentional non-doing and contemplative practices, we are able to gain perspective to refocus, recharge, and gestate the creative endeavors we will birth in the year ahead. What do you want to polish and refine before the vital spring force floods in to support these creations?

In this retreat, we will share authenticity, presence, vulnerability, creativity, and deep nature connection in order to empower ourselves to step into our lives as significant women*. This is a time to recognize our power as creators of our own lives, be seen by others and welcome support from our community. When the inner capacity awakens, things will start to accelerate in our lives!

Please join us for 3 days and 2 nights of creative reflection and imaginative potential. Drawing from numerous practices including yoga, intuitive movement, journal work, song, expressive arts, ceremonial sauna and cold plunge, deep nature connection, cacao and shamanic journeywork, we will focus on questions such as:

-What brings me most alive in this world?
-Where do I most wish to use my energy?
-What are my greatest challenges and how can I move through them?
-What are my unique gifts and how can I share them?
-How can I design my life to fulfill my deepest sense of purpose?

This experience will support you to:

Explore – Pause to notice where you are. Honor the past, accept the present and get curious about your future. Listen to what is actually important for you and take a journey to discover new meadows within your inner landscape. Get wild and playful!

Envision – Allow creativity to move through you in ways you’ve never seen before. Say yes, and yes, and yes again. Begin to see the higher perspective of your path and breathe into the mysteries presented before you.

Evoke – Fuel your visions through discovering the pure potential within. Activate the inner capacity to break apparent barriers and find the power to take the steps forward.

Ease – Release expectations of how and when action takes place.  Relax into the great current of your life and allow a natural reset and unfolding to take place. Breathe into patience and trust; allow integration.

Empower – Keep your visions alive by investing and distributing your energy wisely. Take responsibility of your life and own every bit of it.

Embody – Walk your talk in relationships, work, communication – through the hardships and joys of your life. Remember to remember that every moment counts.

Expand – Allow natural emanation of your process. Collaborate, give and receive, breathe through the fear of stepping into your own light and share it with your community.

Location: We will be staying at the beautiful Sacred Mountain Waters Retreat and Sanctuary 40 minutes north of Asheville. The property is surrounded by majestic Appalachian mountains, pristine rivers and enchanted temperate rainforest of North Carolina featuring wood fired hot tub and barrel cedar sauna. Nourishing, delicious, organic breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided.

Plan to leave this retreat feeling connected, empowered, and recharged from communion with your true essence, gifts, and soul’s purpose!

Registration: EARLY BIRD until July 24, 2020: 450$ includes camping and meals. Extra 100$ for a room.  AFTER: 590$ includes camping and meals. Extra 100$ for a room.  Payment plan option available.

*This retreat is open to all female, non-binary, and femme-identifying people*

Orientation Call: We will have an orientation call about a week prior to the event.

Opening Circle begins at 4 pm on Friday, October 16, 2020. Opening Circle is followed by dinner and then a ceremonial sauna. We ask you to arrive between 2 pm – 3 pm so that you can get oriented to the land, set up your tent and be ready for opening circle at 4 pm.

Closing Circle will be complete on Sunday, October 18, by 4 pm.

Airports: The event venue is about 40 minutes north of the Asheville Regional Airport. Relatively close airports include: Greenville-Spartanburg Airport about 90 minutes from the venue; Charlotte airport about a 2.5 hour drive to the venue. Specific address and directions will be given upon registration.


Rachel Shopper: Web-weaver, wilderness devotee, facilitator of spaces where wisdom can flower. Above all, Rachel is committed to the wellbeing of people and the planet.  She has experienced many healing modalities first-hand, and has trained in nature connection, yoga, poetry, core shamanism, permaculture, and energy healing.  Currently, Rachel is completing a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling so that she can weave Western psychotherapy into her offerings and hold ever deeper containers for mystery and transformation. 

She believes that above all, our hearts and our relationships are our most profound healers. It is the privilege of a lifetime to be able to guide others into their own depths, so that they can become who they were always meant to be.  Infusing her classes and retreats with humor, creativity, and curiosity, Rachel facilitates from the heart and encourages her students to express themselves and their gifts with fullness and joy. See Rachel’s full bio here.

Sanni Paakkonen: Grounded visionary, forest walker, emissary of a new paradigm leadership. Devoted to experience pure potential of a human being, Sanni holds loving and centered space to discover our True Nature. Sanni naturally inspires people to see the pure potential within and step into their power as a creatrix of their own life on Earth. Born and raised in Finland, Nordic forests and tales brought her to a deep connection with nature and led her into a well-rounded study on empowered living & self-discovery over the last 13 years in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Sanni shares her service through movement and embodiment practices,  meditation, frequency work, ceremonial arts and core- shamanic practices, yoga trainings, and intentional journeys to handful of sacred sites. Sanni’s offerings are known to be transformative, deep, playful and empowering. Sanni walks the Earth with grace and calm confidence, sings with the melodies captured from the wind, dances with the creative force of the feminine and pours her contagious love into every relationship that comes on her way. See Sanni’s full bio here.