Guatemalan Cloud Forest Eco-Adventure & Service Trip

March 9-20, 2018

Eco-Adventure & Service Trip in the ancient Mayan cloud forest of Cerro el Amay:

From March 9-20, a group of young ambassadors and their parents will be journeying into the cloud forest of Cerro el Amay in Guatemala to learn about the ecology and magic of a cloud forest ecosystem and to complete service work in the indigenous Ki’iche’ village of Laj Chimmel.  Our young ambassadors are between 11-14 years old and look forward to interacting with the children in the village, helping with the planting of trees for the reforestation projects, and hopefully observing some of the rare and endangered species of Cerro el Amay.

We are hoping to raise $450.00 USD before we leave in order to pay for the materials for the reforestation nursery.  Please consider donating $20, $35, $50, $75, or $100 to help out this awesome project that the children are helping to humanifest in Laj Chimmel:

Tree Nursery Donation Options

You can also donate by mailing a check made out to “Inchanted Journeys” and mailing to our office in Asheville. Please contact us for the mailing address via the contact tab above.

Inchanted Journeys is working with the Cloud Forest Conservation Initiative, IMAP, FUNDAECO, CONAP, and others to coordinate this journey of discovery, adventure, and service. In the last 2 years, we have raised over a $1.2M to protect this ancient forest because of this eco-adventure and connected efforts.  All of these funds have gone directly into land conservation, land purchases, and to support local staff.  Some of the proceeds from this Journey will aid in the preservation of the cloud forest, the conservation of the rural Forest Mayan communities we are teaming with, as well as continue to support additional field research as we discover new species to science every year!  More information on our NGO:


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