Cloud Forest Eco-Adventure

Cerro el Amay

March 2019


Eco-Adventure & Conservation-Cultural Exchange in the ancient Mayan cloud forest of Cerro el Amay:

Rappel into recently discovered caves.

Preserve one of the last unprotected primeval cloud forests in the Americas.

Discover new geologic features and species.

Work with local and indigenous communities to conserve their natural resources.

Climb ancient trees and help with projects in the villages.

Learn some K’iche and practice your Spanish.

Inchanted Journeys is working with the Cloud Forest Conservation Initiative, IMAP, CONAP, and others to coordinate this journey of discovery, adventure, and service. In the last 2 years, we have raised over a $1.0M to protect this ancient forest because of this eco-adventure and connected efforts.  The journey will be rigorous, physically demanding, remote, and off-the-grid. Yet it will also be deeply rewarding, and contribute to the conservation of Cerro el Amay, one of the last unprotected primal Cloud Forests in the world.  Come help discover and preserve the magic of the ancient world and the raw beauty and strength of a people, the Forest Maya, who are resilient and deep.  Some of the proceeds from this Journey will aid in the preservation of the cloud forest, the conservation of the rural Forest Mayan communities we are teaming with, as well as continue to support additional field research as we discover new species to science every year!  More information on our NGO:

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Equipment & Physical Condition:

Back country gear is a prerequisite for this journey.  This journey goes into true wilderness. This is a rigorous backpacking trip and you will need to carry your gear. We will hike remote trails and camp in the cloud forest. Elevations range between 3,000 and 9,600 feet. An equipment list will be provided upon registration. We encourage cardiovascular training and getting your legs in shape!

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Schedule (Pending):

2 days in Antigua hiking volcanoes and local market

2 days commuting (Guatemalan style), markets, and more

2 days in a Mayan village

1 service day in Mayan village

6 days in the wilderness of the cloud forest

3 days at Lago Atitlan


March 2019 Trip Registration*:

$1,350.00 before November 3, 2018

$1,550.00 before January 3, 2019

Guatemalan Registration Cost (Cloud Forest Trek only) – $1,000.00 before January 3, 2019


IMG_5201* The price includes all accommodations, meals in the forest, entrance fees, transportation between sites, land use fees (K’iche Maya), and instructors’ fees.  For information regarding cost for residents of Guatemala, please contact:  We will need to receive your deposit of $300.00 by  November 3rd, by 10:00 pm, EST.  The balance can be paid in portions over the ensuing months and is due to paid in full by February 1, 2019.  The deposit is fully refundable until February 1, 2019.  After February 1, 2019, deposits and fees are non-refundable as all reservations will have been completed and paid for at this time.  You will be responsible for your own meals and beverages outside of the forest trek, though we will all eat together at local markets and restaurants. You are responsible for your own flights to and from Guatemala City (GUA) from your home city.  This cost is also for double occupancy rooms.  If you wish to request single occupancy rooms, plan on speak with Jeremy as you are in the registration process as their will be an additional cost for the rooms.

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