Ireland – Other Journeys

September 29 – October 7, 2020


Into the wilds tread we…Off ’round yonder tree.
In discovery of timeless fold and Celtic dreams the Fae behold.
Stand ye not on baseless hindrance; stand forth in sovereign en’trance.
Dreamers dreamed in braided grace; ’tis our time Her song embrace.
Solas Geal na hÉíreann

As of now, this journey is closed/full.  Look for updates if that changes.

Come ye forth then, wildlings and wizards, stewards of majesty, wardens of the pathways, and keepers of the gates: Listen and remember, whisper and dream, lo and behold…. a mystery is calling us home to Ireland.  Do you hear the call on the wind…in your heart…in your dreams?  If so, then please…. come in.