Irish-Celtic Mysteries

 October 31, 2019 – November 1, 2020

w/ 2 week end-cap retreat in


What are we doing?

In-depth study of sacred sites and mythology of Ireland.

Exploration of historic & contemporary Irish culture and the arts.

Saturation in Irish-Celtic symbol, myth, ceremony, and sacred sites.

Explore the Irish-Celtic relationship with the seasons.

Monthly new moon on-line teachings.

Cross-quarter holiday weekend retreats in Asheville.

Two weeks in the Wilds of Ireland.

Celtic Codex JPG

Nature and the divine are not separate, they are intricately woven together and as
inseparable as the Celtic knots. Celtic knots may appear at first glance to be made
of more than one thread, weaving in and out of complexity and across the landscape
of the soul, our DNA, and the earth, but in reality it is all one thread. If we follow the
thread slowly, it helps to soften and unwind the mind. If we follow the knot quickly, it
undulates and turns like the great cosmic serpent inviting us into deeper presence
and to the unlocking of our biological and spiritual potential.

It is a gateway to our immortal nature.



Course Description:


The Irish-Celtic Mysteries program is designed for the initiate who seeks a deeper understanding and relationship with the Celtic mysteries in respect to Ireland. In the ancient fashion of the Celts, the course will run for “a-year-and-a-day”, covering a span of topics from sacred sites and mythology, to contemporary culture and the arts. We dive deep into symbol, myth, ceremony, and sacred sites. We explore the Celtic relationship with the seasons via the “fire festivals” or cross-quarter holidays. Most course work and meetings are held in an online forum (webinar or similar), although we physically gather during the four cross-quarter holidays of Samhain, Imbolc, Beltaine, and Lughnasa. The course is capped with a two week retreat in Ireland. Upon our return in the wheel of the year to Samhain, we welcome the new initiates for the 2019 program.

During the course, we gather and work as a group of initiates steeped in the lore of place. We develop a strong sense of community chemistry and interpersonal synergy. We come alive to ourselves and our heritage (whatever your biological ancestry may be) in the landscape, cultivating relationships of reciprocity. We cultivate a remembrance that we first ask permission with respect to enter an ancient and holy place. We practice opening ourselves to the mystery and magic of place, to listen and be guided. This year-and-a-day program provides the opportunity to both become a Celtic peregrini (pilgrim, wanderer, seeker… Latin for “one from abroad”) in search of the place of their personal “resurrection” and belonging, as well as to become a seanchaí  (pronounced “shawncree”) a Celtic bearer of ancient/timeless lore.

Ireland Dreamers

Is this for you?

Are you ready to access the gateways into the Celtic Mysteries and step through portals to the timeless space within you, while journeying into relationship with the sacred lands of Ireland? If you are ready to refine the Irish-Celtic lens through which you see the world, then this program is for you. Let us track the lines of our heritage to its source. Let us listen to the song of our ancestors and descendants. Let us find the harmony therein and share our voices. Learn traditional songs. Learn traditional and contemporary Celtic ceremony. Are you ready to dance with your destiny? If so, then this course in the Irish-Celtic mysteries and journey to Ireland is truly for you.

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IMPORTANT: The two-week retreat in Ireland is not a superficial bus stops tour at popular sights. We will be basing out of retreat centers, castles, and family-run B&B’s for 3-4 day periods and often traveling off the known path during our day trips to sacred sites. We are calling for self-responsible and psychologically mature individuals who are ready to dive deep into the sacred journey. A journey of power such as this can be seriously impaired when a traveling companion is whinny, controlling, selfish, or demanding of special attention. If you are a person with high control needs this may not be the trip for you. We are creating a container that allows for timelessness…the true emergence of the Irish-Celtic spirit. Freedom through responsibility and reciprocity are the building blocks of the true sovereign.