Sacred Agreements

Spring Wildman

wildman trine


Laughing Heart Lodge

Hotsprings, North Carolina

April 7 – 10, 2017


A Journey into our Sacred Agreements:

Telluric Qigong – Shamanic Journey – Blindfolded Trance Dance

Mud Ceremony – Cliff Jumping – Divine Healing

Trust Building – High Ropes –

Bow Drill Fire Building

Board Breaking – Rebar Bending

Mudman revealed



Jeremy Schewe

Joseph Zadkeill Syverson


The Program:





The Spring Wildman retreat will be hosted at the Laughing Heart Lodge in Hotsprings, North Carolina.

Yes, there are hot springs nearby.  For information on the facilities, please visit:



The cost for the Spring Wildman, “Journey into our Sacred Agreements”,  including food and accommodations is $490.00.

  Camping is an option for the Spring Wildman 2017!.

To hold your place, either pay a deposit of $97.00 now with balance due on April 1, or pay in full.  It is preferred that you register by contacting Jeremy at (copy this email address to your email server) and send a check by snail mail, but registration is also available online via PayPal below.  Cancellation refund policy is return of payment less a $75 service fees through March 21st.  After March 21st, we will be unable to refund any cancellations.Checks or cash are preferred, or you can register via PayPal or PayPal payment plan (subscription):


About the Wildman Retreats:

Where is our madly innate knowledge of youth, our rich sense of belonging, and the wild intuition of deeply inherent primordial wisdom?

For most Men, it is buried under careers, family obligations, social conditioning, and the need to achieve. Many of us turn to consumption, escapism, and addiction in an attempt to quench the hunger of our wild nature. Let us renew, or discover for the first time, the aliveness of the Wildman in body, spirit & mind.

Inhabit your Wildman fully.

Whether we associate our inherent wild nature and intuitive wisdom with the Greenman, Shiva, Cernunnos, Pan, Yahweh, or any myriad of other beings with or without names, the Wildman lives in all of us. With the essence of our inherent nature and deeply connected wisdom often placed on the back-burner, many of us men often forget how to allow a healthy, sacred, and spirit-filled embodiment of the Wildman to be alive within us.

Embody Your Primordial Essence For some of us, the essence of our Wildman is so remote from our everyday decision making that we have forgotten the art of listening and speaking from a rich and quiet center. Instead, we create literal or metaphoric towers and fortresses around and within ourselves. Further, many of us live vicariously through professional athletes and film heroes to satiate our wildishness.

Perhaps it is time to be your own hero.

For All You Men Out There… where has your Wildman been hiding? We all have a powerful, resourceful, unstoppable, invincible masculine being inside of us, just waiting to be unleashed, un-caged, and set free! Deep down your lover, your kids, and your goals, are secretly waiting, praying, hoping, you decide to liberate that WILDMAN within.

Wildman Registration Options

Wildman Monthly Payment Plan (6 month plan)

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