Healing the Wildman BreakThrough Intensive

An engaging journey for men, featuring the BreakThrough tools needed to connect deeply to ourselves so that we can begin to share our gifts more fully in the world.

The Wildman is a powerful, healing archetypal energy that men have access to, so long as life dynamics are not getting in the way. A Wildman is deeply connected to nature and to himself. He belongs in this world and he knows it in his bones. He feels safe, cared for, and valued by Mother Earth and by those around him. He feels connected to something bigger than himself and this brings him great courage. This alignment to himself and feeling of belonging within the world allows him to show up in an authentic way that serves others and magnetizes people to him. It also makes it easier to engage in life in a playful, life-affirming way.

Unfortunately, our culture does not support this kind of deep connection to our own power and sovereignty. Our conditioning gets in the way. Family, school, work, and society all attempt to domesticate us at every turn. They often try to inhibit our full range of options and make us feel disconnected, guilty and ashamed, so that we become easier to control. Accessing your Wildman is a way to recover your sovereignty and connect to the healed place within, so that we can presence ourselves from this healthy masculine, rather than from the limits of our conditioning. Such work brings tremendous personal power that we can use to say no to things that don’t serve us and to instead live a life that is meaningful for our unique path.

This Breakthrough Intensive provides the tools needed for this work and it even goes a step further by focusing on the most common pitfalls for accessing your Wildman energy. It really is possible to heal the wounds and cultural conditioning that get in the way of connecting to our Wildman.

All package offerings include 7 weeks of live online small group training and support leading up to and beyond the optional Aug 2018 Wildman Gathering near Asheville, NC. The Gold and Diamond level programs also include one-on-one BreakThrough Coaching and/or an optional ticket to the Aug 24-26, 2018 Wildman Gathering.

Sign up by May 1 and receive the super-early bird bonus…a free Attune Your Presence to Your Next BreakThrough live training on Thurs, May 17 (recording available).  Attuned Presence is the #1 prerequisite for deeply transformative inner work. When you deepen your presence (easier said than done…it requires training and practice), you become a container for greater consciousness in your life.


Facilitated by James Mayfield Smith. Breakthrough Coach. Mythologist. Adventurer.

James Mayfield Smith is a BreakThrough Coach and the founder of BreakThroughCircle.com. James has done this work for the past 12 years, has led over 40 weekend or week-long residential transformation-focused retreats in the US and abroad, and has personally facilitated over a thousand clients to transform their lives. James is a pioneer in harnessing mythic, imaginal, shamanic, somatic, and bio-energetic tools to shift inner landscape dynamics in ways that transform one’s experience of outer circumstances. His specialty is working with a client’s central nervous system and somatic wisdom to cultivate a BreakThrough moment, because experiencing a Breakthrough moment is the most rapid and powerful way to shift a life-long pattern. A gifted facilitator, James provides his unique genius for supporting and guiding you closer to yourself so that you can discover the transformational breakthroughs that await you within. Robert Six Owls and additional Wildman co-founders will also join some of the sessions to bring their unique genius to this course.

If you have attended our annual Wildman Gathering in the past, this Intensive will deepen your Wildman experience.

The inner work addressed in this program powerfully supports what we do at the annual Wildman Gathering. This one-of-a-kind program was created with feedback from participants of the past four Wildman Gatherings, based on the issues that came up for them during their Wildman Shamanic Breathwork Journey. Mother wounds, Father wounds, Inner Child issues, Relationship trauma, Masculine/Feminine imbalances, out of alignment with a higher purpose…these are the distinctly human dynamics that fundamentally prevent us from connecting to our wild, natural self. These also happen to be the same issues that I’ve been addressing for years with my clients, so I have deep personal experience transforming these dynamics. The Healing the Wildman BreakThrough Intensive is designed to assist you in overcoming the conditioning of your past so that you can heal your masculinity and become the man you wish to be. Program members will address the most common types of wounding that are in the way of connecting to the Wildman within. The Healing the Wildman Breakthrough Intensive will enable you to show up at our (optional, but highly encouraged) August Wildman Gathering ready to connect powerfully with your Wildman energy. For those already planning to attend the annual Wildman Gathering, this course will also help you to arrive to the Gathering feeling already connected to a core group of men, enabling you to drop in quickly and powerfully.

Program Details/Schedule

Interactive group sessions meet online on Thursday evenings for two hours (5pm PT/6pm MT/7pm CT/8pm ET)

Sessions Include:

Training to utilize highly effective tools to cultivate targeted emotional BreakThroughs

Authentic relating tools to build a powerful community container

Interactive Breakout groups with partners and small groups

Audio and video recordings of each session

 Thurs July 19     Session 1: Ninja Moves for Relating Authentically

Learn how to use authentic relating tools to connect with individuals and groups. We begin the Intensive with some essential container-building. We start by employing tools of somatic awareness that allow us to stay connected to ourselves and present to our internal felt experience while also being present, emotionally available, and attuned to the experience of others. This session alone can transform your relationships, as these tools have transformed mine. These tools combine Boulder Integral Center Authentic Relating tools, Stephen Busby Higher Consciousness work, and NVC (Non-Violent Communication) tools. You will leave the session feeling seen, heard, connected and very much alive and expanded. And you will have the tools to take into your relationships, careers, and the projects that matter to you.

Thurs July 26     Session 2: How to Access our Unconscious to Gain Clarity

Begin to understand how our soul/psyche/instincts talk to us…through the super subtle sensations inside the body, via our feelings, and through the memories and thoughts that pop into our imaginations. Under the guidance of a highly trained BreakThrough Coach and Inner Parts Work Facilitator, practice dialoguing with the various inner selves within. Get to know the parts of you that desire and fear different things, causing internal conflict (the Inner Bully, the Protector, the Wounded Child, the Rebel, the Peter Pan/Puer, etc.) This work gives you the keys to nurturing your BreakThroughs by enabling you to access your unconscious to mine new information that becomes the foundation of your next BreakThrough. As you do work with your various inner selves, you are able to align their goals so that these parts of you begin to play on the same team. Our resistance is usually either these parts pushing against each other or one of our inner selves crying out against something that is out of alignment with our value. If you feel resistance in your life and long for inner harmony, then these tools will serve you well.

Thurs Aug 2     Session 3: Healing the Mother Wound

Mother is ideally supposed to be the safe Feminine, who welcomes us warmly, with care, and shows us that we are deeply loved. When this doesn’t happen, the Mother Wound leaves an indelible mark on a man and predisposes us to experiencing the darker aspects of the feminine. The Mother Wound can also condition us to rely too heavily on women for our unmet emotional needs, setting up a toxic dynamic in relationships. I personally grew up with a mother who, bless her heart, was emotionally shut down, causing a deep attachment wound that has played out in many ways with women, from fear of intimacy to getting into abusive and addictive relationships, to fear of commitment. I’ve worked my tools around these issues for the past 20 years and have made a lot of progress, and I’m still actively working this around each new turn of the wheel. I’ve also held spaced for men to begin to heal the neglect, rejection, abandonment, engulfment, abuse, and other varieties of the Mother Wound.  Learn powerful tools so we can feel cared for, so we can trust, and so we can relate to women in a healthy way.

Thurs Aug 9     Session 4: Healing the Father Wound

Father is supposed to be the safe masculine…a man who we feel secure with, and is safe for us…who teaches us how to be a man and shows us how to be when we’re out in the world. When our father is absent, like my birth father, or abusive, like my early stepfather, or neglectful or unsafe or unavailable in a variety of ways, we get very confused messages about our worth and about how to make our way in the world. When Father shows up as the wounded man that he is, this has a very real impact on us. And yet, even when we do not have an ideal Father, we can still become amazing men…but it takes metabolizing the unmet needs in our nervous system and transforming the symptoms into powerful clarity about who we are. Learn how to work with the Father Wound so we can increase our self-esteem and feel confident to make our way in the world and accept/become the man that is possible for us to be.

Thurs Aug 16     Session 5: Nurturing the Inner Child

Independent of working the Mother Wound and the Father Wound, we can use a powerful body of tools to help us nurture and heal the Hurt Little Boy within, who holds our unmet needs. This allows us to begin to feel safe, to feel connected, to feel valued, to live joyfully, and be an adult in relationships, instead of a boy or an adolescent. Stop unconsciously pulling the women in your life into mothering roles or the men into your life into fathering roles. Stop letting the unmet needs of your inner child or inner teen hijack your life. Rise above the neediness of your little boy or the knee-jerk rebelliousness of your inner teen.  No one teaches us this stuff in school…it’s a specialized field that most people find only when their lives and relationships are suffering and their partners are threatening to leave or their life is in shambles. Don’t wait to have a  BreakDown, like I did 13 years ago…instead, actively cultivate a BreakThrough. Learn how to find, feel, and nurture your inner child so that you can be a powerful, generous man who blesses others in your life.

Sat-Sun Aug 25-26     BONUS Session:  Connecting to the earth and each other at our Aug 24-26  Healing the Wildman Gathering

Our group will gather up at least once at our live Healing the Wildman Gathering Retreat near Asheville, NC to connect and celebrate our work together.  The optional annual Wildman Gathering is the most exciting, cutting-edge men’s work being available. Join us to experience an series of elemental Earth/Air/Fire/Water initiations, such as shamanic breathwork journeys, firewalks, and waterfall initiations. These immersive, high intensity experiences are designed to get us feeling deeply connected to the earth and our brothers. This brings a sense of belonging, inner peace, and great courage.

To learn more about the Wildman Gathering, visit http://inchantedjourneys.com/portfolio/wildman

Thurs Aug 30     Session 6: Balancing our Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine Dynamics

The advanced work of men’s work is learning to balance the masculine and feminine within. Much pain in this world comes from men who have suppressed the natural yin within…that safe, loving energy that appreciates beauty, honors vulnerability, and holds space for others. Testosterone is powerful energy, and tempering it with a deep connection to our inner yin makes the world a safer place for everyone. We will work somatically to make a distinction between the felt sense of our inner yin and our inner yang and we will practice cycling loving energy between the two. This creates a flow of love in the body and fills up our heart space. This brings us great inner strength and a deep sense of being loved, which has many benefits in our relationships and in our careers.

Thur Sep 7     Session 7: The Power of Being in Mission and On Purpose

Being in mission and on purpose is like connecting a pair of jumper cables to a powerful battery. We are gifted with energy and vitality, enabling us to walk through initiations, at times with little sleep, from my experience, and still function at high performance. Being in mission is like eating food, drinking water, breathing air, or being in nature. It sources us. We will work to identify living our mission in the World, while staying connected to our Wildman Energy.

You Have Three Package Options:

SILVER Package:  7 weekly small group sessions for $397.

This is the economy package and includes 7 weekly online course sessions with structured BreakThrough Tools, small group breakout sessions, and Healing the Wildman Intensive FB Community Access. Other Breakthrough courses start at $997 and go up to $2997, so this is a rare opportunity to learn BreakThrough tools at a fraction of the normal price. If you sign up by the early-bird deadline of June 1, you also receive a FREE one-on-one Experience a BreakThrough facilitated session ($225 value).

GOLD Package:  7 weekly sessions PLUS a ticket to the Aug 24-26 Healing the Wildman Gathering near Asheville NC for $797

(Discount available for previous Wildman Gathering attendees…contact James Mayfield Smith at James@BreakThroughCircle.com for the discount code).

This package includes the online course (everything in the Silver Package) plus a ticket to the 5th Annual Wildman Gathering (a $390-$490 value) at a significantly reduced cost. If you plan to attend the Gathering, this option will save you $90-$190. More information about the Wildman Gathering can be found here:  http://inchantedjourneys.com/portfolio/wildman.  If you sign up by the early bird-deadline of June 1, you also receive a FREE Integrate your Wildman Gathering Experience facilitated group session scheduled 4-6 weeks AFTER the Gathering ($150 value) and a FREE one-on-one Experience a BreakThrough facilitated session ($225 value).

DIAMOND Package:  7 weekly sessions PLUS 5 individual BreakThrough coaching sessions PLUS a ticket to the Aug 24-26 Healing the Wildman Gathering near Asheville NC for $1,497.

This includes personalized, in-depth work with a highly-skilled Breakthrough Coach, along with a ticket to the Wildman Gathering (a $400 value) and everything included in the Gold package. This option allows you to go really deep to re-pattern your current inner dynamics so you can create a new way of  relating to yourself and the world. This pricing reflects a deep Wildman discount over my other BreakThrough programs with individual sessions (found at www.BreakThroughCircle.com).  If you sign up by the early bird-deadline of March 11, you also receive a FREE Integrate your Wildman Gathering Experience facilitated group session ($150 value) and a Change Your Narrative and Transform Your Life facilitated small group session ($175 value).



Enrollment begins April 13 (cart will open then for purchase)

The super-early-bird bonus offer ends May 1

The early bird bonus offer ends June 1

Small group sessions begin July 19

For more information and to enroll, click here: www.WildmanBreakThrough.com



Money-Back Guarantee

These tools work, if you do the work. I’ve seen it with over a thousand clients. And I know that there are a lot of programs offering promises out there. And that your time, energy, and money are valuable and need to be stewarded well. To help you feel comfortable joining the Healing the Wildman Wildman BreakThrough Intensive, I offer a money-back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied by week 3 of the program, simply let me know and I’ll provide a complete refund. No hard feelings. Really. Not every program is right for everyone, and I understand that. We can still be friends!

This program may not be offered next year. If you are interested in this work, let us know so that we can assist you in working out details. Payment plans are available. PayPal and credit card payment options will be posted on April 11. Start a conversation by emailing James at James@BreakThroughCircle.com.