Wildman – Wilderness Immersion

Southern Appalachian Mountains  –

Wilderness Immersion

May 12 – 16, 2021



Are you ready to go deep into the wilderness?

Come seep in 5 days of wilderness skills, personal empowerment, practical skills/crafts, local myths/legends, and the Wildman brotherhood.  Men can choose to join us for just the Into the Wilds program, or sign up with the end-cap 7th annual Wildman Gathering as well.  Only 15 men plus the staff can join us on this journey.

 Wilderness Immersion:

 Wilderness Skills & Activities:

The Appalachian Wilds

Friction fire starting

Wild food & medicines

Creating sanitary base camps

Wilderness First Aid

Team Building

Water filtration & collection


Knots & Lashings

Wim Hof Breathwork


Waterfall Adventures

Capture the Flag

Celtic & Cherokee Myth & Lore

Wildman brotherhood

And more ….

Led by:

This trip will be lead by the seasoned Southern Appalachian wilderness and Guatemalan cloud forest team, Jeremy Schewe and Rob Lenfestey.  Eli Strongheart, who has teamed with Jeremy and Rob in the past, also has over a decade of experience leading extended wilderness skills and primitive skills trips for people of all ages.  We look forward to working, training, and playing with you, men!

Into the Wilds!

Backpack into the wilderness of Southern Appalachia. Survive on wild foods. Cook on fires made without matches. Set up clean safe base camps. Wildmen, this is an awesome opportunity to learn some powerful wilderness survival skills in good company. Personal empowerment is found in a direct sense of purpose as well as learned ability to do things that we at one point in time perceived as difficult to surmount. Allow your primordial wisdom to sync up with actual skills that will serve you and your loved ones. This is open to all men. Come join us…


Photo credit: Wildman, Tommy Lawless

13932816_10154314094350874_4616362088338294967_n Equipment & Physical Condition:

Back country gear is a prerequisite for this journey.  This journey goes into wilderness. This is a backpacking trip and you will need to carry your own gear as well as some group gear. We will hike remote trails and camp deep in the forest. Elevations range between 2,800 and 4,800 feet. An equipment list will be provided upon registration. Leave all electronic devices at home.



$725.00 for Wilderness Immersion + 8th Annual Wildman Gathering in August 2021


The meal plan is sort of included. We will be harvesting wild foods for most of our meals, though they will be supplemented by other items that we will pack in as well. Early-bird registration is $325.00, or $725.00  for Wilderness Immersion plus the Wildman Gathering in August.  After March 21st, 2021, the price will go up to $350 (and for both to $800).  Please contact Jeremy for more details. With the meals, omnivore and vegetarian options will both be available. It is preferred that you register by contacting Jeremy at jeremy.schewe@gmail.com and send a check by snail mail, but registration is also available online via PayPal.  All balances are due by April 21, 2021. 

Cancellation refund policy is return of payment less a $75 service fee if cancellation made two weeks before the first day of the respective journey.  Cancellations made less than two weeks prior to a journey start date will void any refunds.