Wildsoul Retreat – Taos, New Mexico

May 10 – 14, 2017



Track the pathways of your soul essence.

Embody – Immerse – Empower


Weekend of Elemental Initiations for Women & Men:

Earth – Clay Earthing, Sacred Portals & Telluric Qigong

Air –  Shamanic Breathwork Journey

Fire – Firewalk

Water – Hot Springs Gateway & Water Ceremony

May 10 – 12, 2017

Wildman & Wildwoman time…

The first two days of Wildsoul New Mexico will be a preparatory time. Men and women will split into two groups before coming back together for the weekend.


Wildsoul New Mexico Facilitators:


Imagine this….

You make a turn in the labyrinth of life that brings you into a sacred temple warded by timeless Guardians.  They have been waiting for you to arrive at this crossroads.  Now you are here.  You made the choice, not someone else. You made the choice to arrive.  In this powerful and sacred container, you step into an alignment of Telluric and Celestial gateways that are designed specifically to amplify your maximum soul purpose.  Illuminate the heart and be witnessed in all of your majesty and sovereignty.  Step across the threshold from life choices that nurture your diminutive self into that which empowers your greatness.

This is your time.DSC06061

Wildsoul retreats are completely experiential. You will go within.  You will go deep.  You will dance.

You will bellow and scream, and yet you will also sit in deep stillness and silence.

You will walk through fire.


We believe in you. Come home to the experiential essence of your self in community!

The Commitment:

We will gather on Wednesday evening (May 10, 2017) under the full moon for the opening fire ceremony in the circular sanctum of Asherah Adytum on the grounds of the Kumari Nadu temple outside of Taos, New Mexico. Thursday morning, the men and women will go their separate ways for a couple of days of Wildman and Wildwoman initiations deep in the Rio Grande gorge, on the mesa, and in the Sangre de Cristo mountains.  This is a crucial introductory initiation to prepare everyone for the level of depth that we will step into for the Wildsoul retreat.  Both the Wildmen and the Wildwomen will navigate through their own mysteries in the course of the time together as individual groups.  For a better idea of the stage being set for the Wildwomen or Wildmen, please follow one of the following links as a guide:



We will come back together on Friday evening (May 12, 2017) to dive into the Wildsoul retreat, where the heart of our indigenous wisdom, calibrated by our Wildman and Wildwoman initiations, is granted access to join the inner council of the archetypal mind.  Our movements and the elemental initiations of Wildsoul will thus be informed by our inherent wisdom, our heritage, and our timeless nature.  The invitation is to illuminate the torch of the soul within, that we can track the pathway twisting to our Source node, our world tree.  No matter where we come from and what our heritage may be, our indigenous soul is seeking to express timeless truths through our Ancient Future Selves, and our Wildsoul is here to embody them. Become a Gate Guardian of your heritage.  Deepen your sense of place and belonging.  As facilitators, we simply help create the container to invite you across the threshold of four elemental initiations.  Each initiation will provide a powerful opportunity to touch the premeditated concepts of self and conditioned limitations.  We will complete the Wildsoul weekend at 3:30 pm on Sunday.


 Wildsoul Elemental Initiations:



In the Earth Initiation, we will ground in with the powerful Telluric qualities of Sacred Portals via Qigong and more. We will connect with the sacred centers of the earth and beyond through multiple geometrics and portals that have been specifically designed in harmony with the land that will be hosting us.

Wisdom teaching pic for now


For the Air Initiation, we will journey deep into a Shamanic Breathwork with live music, morphing into a shamanic journey in stillness.  Following the breathwork, Wildsouls will have an opportunity to go and sit with the land.  The opportunity is to listen, become a part of, and embody before coming back together in small groups to share.  The journey will be facilitated by our seasoned team and conveyed by live music.  What vision will you land?  The shaman’s journey between the worlds is not an escape from reality, but instead is a responsible step more clearly into reality in order to “see” the complex fabric of multiple realities that thread through existence.

IMG_5650.JPG (1)


For the Fire Initiation, we will press up against the very edge of our own limitations and  beliefs. We will walk across fire in the Sundoor Tradition.  Our experienced staff have not only been leading powerful firewalks for years, but they also train people to lead firewalks around the world.



For the Water Initiation, we will walk to a sacred hot spring and river for a deep journey into expressing our gratitude and grief. Water is life.  Life is water. In all due respect, she takes and she gives.  She shapes and cleanses.  She delivers and carries.  Let us sing to the water that our prayers can be carried downstream to the ocean and upstream to the source, that all may know the medicine that we share together and with the world.


Kumari Nadu Temple


Taos, New Mexico

 Register Here:


Registration w/ camping $490.00

Registration w/ lodging $620.00

Locals Registration (weekend only) w/ camping $390.00

Camping on site is included in the price of registration. Registration is $490.00 for the retreat (including camping and meals). This includes the entire program (opening night of May 10, Wildman/Wildwoman May 11-12, and Wildsoul May 12-14), all camping and meals.  If you would like to stay in the lodging on the retreat site or one of the neighboring sites, you need to register for that as well ($130.00 for the weekend). The men will not be staying anywhere near the lodge during the Wildman portion as well will be camping out on the 11th.  Couples rates are also available for the entire program ($880.00 camping/$1,080.00 w/lodging prior to April 24, 2017). Again, the meal plan is included in the weekend cost. Omnivore and vegetarian options will both be available.  

It is preferred that you register by contacting Jeremy at jeremy.schewe@gmail.com and send a check by snail mail, but registration is also available online via PayPal. Cancellation refund policy is return of payment less a $75 service fees through May 1st. After May 1st, we will be unable to refund any cancellations.

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