Wildsoul Retreat – Long Island, New York

October 6 – 8, 2017

Location to be announced soon.


Connect with the pathway of your soul essence.

Embody – Immerse – Empower


 Weekend of Elemental Initiations for Women & Men:

Air – Shamanic Journey & Trance Dance

Earth – Telluric Qigong & Rewinding Time Meditation

Fire – Arrow Ceremony & Firewalk

Water – Water of the World Blessing

Remember this…

Something has awoken in you.  This Something is timeless, both ancient and future.  It is your Ancient Future Self calling you to nurture your awakening.  Yes, you have been pushing against perceived limitations, skirting around forgotten shadows, and navigating how to embody ALL of the aspects of yourself in right relations.  Now it is time to shed the old skin and grow into the new.  The Guardians of timeless traditions are holding open a portal for you…for your Wildsoul to come unveiled.  Amplify your maximum soul purpose, illuminate the heart, and be witnessed in all of your majesty and sovereignty.  Step across the threshold from life choices that nurture your diminutive self into that which empowers your greatness.

This is your time.

Wildsoul retreats are completely experiential. You will go within.  You will go deep.  You will dance.

You will bellow and scream, and yet you will also sit in deep stillness and silence.

You will walk through fire.


Seasoned Wildsoul Facilitator Team:

On the Elemental Initiations:

We will gather on Friday evening to begin our dive into the Wildsoul experience, where the heart of our indigenous wisdom becomes a stronger voice in the inner council of the archetypal mind.  Our movements and elemental initiations will thus be informed by our inherent wisdom and our timeless nature.  As facilitators, we simply help create the container to invite you across the threshold of four elemental initiations.  Each initiation will provide a powerful opportunity to touch the premeditated concepts of self and conditioned limitations, and to accelerate the co-creative process of designing our lives in sync with our Ancient Future Selves.

 Wisdom teaching pic for now


For the Air Initiation, we will journey deep into a shamanic journey, intertwining movement with connection and presence. Meeting yourself then others as the circle flows thru different pathways.  The journey will be facilitated by our seasoned team and conveyed by live music.  What vision will you land?  The shaman’s journey between the worlds is not an escape from reality, but instead is a responsible step more clearly into reality in order to “see” the complex fabric of multiple realities that thread through existence.

D. Lighted Path


In the Earth Initiation, we will ground in with the powerful Telluric qualities of the ley lines running through Long Island via Qigong and more.  We will connect with the sacred centers of the earth and beyond through multiple geometrics and resonant fields that are in harmony with the land and sea.  Then we will track the lines out through our consciousness into an ancient Taoist meditation called Rewinding Time.  With this initiation, we will follow the golden thread of our probability through the currents of time and align with our true nature in a deeply relaxing journey with live music. Women and men will gather to seek their connection to the Earth to hear her rhythm and to hear their own rhythm. How does the masculine rhythm present then how does the feminine rhythm present? We each are called to the rhythms of our lives in connection to Mother Earth.


For the Fire Initiation, we will press up against the very edge of our own limitations and  beliefs. We will walk across fire in the Sundoor Tradition.  Our experienced staff have not only been leading powerful firewalks for years, but they also train people to lead firewalks around the world.



For the Water Initiation, we will walk to the sea through a nature preserve for a deep journey into expressing our gratitude and grief. Water is life.  Life is water. In all due respect, she takes and she gives.  She shapes and cleanses. She delivers and carries.  Let us sing to the ocean from the well of our hearts, that all may know the medicine that we share together and with the world.


 To be announced.

Register Here:

Registration is not currently open for this program.  Information from 2016 is provided below as an estimate for information purposes only.

Camping on site is included in the price of registration.  The meal plan is included (six meals).  Registration is $390.00 for the retreat. If you would like to stay in the lodging on the retreat site, you need to register for that as well ($490.00 shared room inclusive for the weekend, or $550.00 for a private room).  Other rooming options are available.  Please contact Jeremy or one of the other facilitators for more details.  With the meals, omnivore and vegetarian options will both be available. It is preferred that you register by contacting Jeremy at jeremy.schewe@gmail.com (copy this email address to your email server) and send a check by snail mail, but registration is also available online via PayPal.  Cancellation refund policy is return of payment less a $75 service fees through September 1st.  After September 1st, we will be unable to refund any cancellations.

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