Wildsoul Retreats

Sacred journeys into the elemental mysteries

Meet your Wildsoul.

Embrace your inherent wisdom.

Know your Ancient Future Self.

Wildsoul retreats are Four Elements Initiation retreats for women and men that illuminate the pathways to personal freedom and empowerment.  Refine your intuition.  Step across the threshold from life choices that nurture your diminutive self into that which empowers your greatness.  Claim your sovereignty.  Each elemental initiation provides a powerful opportunity to touch the premeditated concepts of self and conditioned limitations, and to accelerate the co-creative process of designing our lives in sync with sacred purpose.  We also have a lot of fun, we go deep, and the community spirit is outstanding.  Come and see!

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Wildsoul Retreats are designed to:

Strengthen connections with heritage/ancestry

Bolster intuitive confidence/competence
Immerse in unique landscapes, traditions and cultures

Thrive in a powerful container for community, healing, and re-calibration

Each program is unique to the bioregion within which we gather. Wildsoul Retreats create elemental initiations/ceremonies that invite you to the threshold of transforming beliefs and limitations. We leave behind our stories. We open to the power of our potential. At Wildsoul retreats, we touch the indigenous wisdom that lies dormant within, or is hungry for actualization and to be witnessed. We create a sense of belonging, place, and sanctuary. When we are complete, you may choose to pick up your old stories and continue writing them. Or you may choose, as many Wildsouls have already, to make a pivot in the plot of life… to start the next chapter, the next book, or to journey into the wilds on your own.  Come to know your Wildsoul and discover or regain the keys to living in harmony with your Ancient Future Self…your soul’s true design beyond time.

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