Women of Earth – Wilderness Immersion

August 14-18, 2020

North Carolina

Join us in Living as an Offering..

Root into the Southern Appalachian Mountains

Learn Primitive fire skills 

Make Tulip Poplar cordage (rope making)

Craft clay offerings 

Enjoy Wild foods

Sing and relish in intuitive movement

Play and connect

Reset and release through ceremonial arts

Purify in majestic waterfalls

Experience empowering arrow breaking ceremony

Relax into Nature’s rhythms 

Discover empowering togetherness

Remember who you are and why you came here

Photo: Earth Path Education

The Earth is calling us home, beckoning our senses to come fully alive and to remember the magic we are. We are showing up for the call to reweave a culture that honors relationships to all life. This is a calling to celebrate and empower our inner freedom. It is time for us to remember who we are beneath all the layers of experiences and roles we’ve taken in this life.

Photo: Earth Path Education

It is time to sync up with the rhythms of nature and begin to create from our hearts, with integrity and grace. When we gather together to truly see each other and hold space for our wholeness, an immaculate transformation can take place individually and collectively. We come to see our lives through radical transparency and learn to own every bit of it – both the shadows and the gifts. 

The elemental journey we will take- held in the arms of the most ancient mountains and waters on earth,  with trusting sisters of the deep: invites your wild soul to feast, and to gather up her intuitive forces and creativity needed in these times. A sacred space to lay down what no longer serves, to cleanse and to bolster your courage and wildness for the journey that lies ahead. 

We will practice living our life as an offering.

How can we become a delicious gift to the Earth by the way we dance, sing, pray and make beauty with our hands?

Join us for this 5-day wilderness immersion to experience earth skills, ceremonial arts and deep nature connection.

Photo: Earth Path Education

You’ll experience:

〜Setting up clean & safe base camp 〜 Fire by friction 〜 Rope making (Tulip Poplar cordage) 〜 Embodiment practices & breathwork 〜 Wild foods & medicine foraging  〜 Clay crafts & offerings 〜 Play & song sharing 〜 Water & plant Limpia (purification) 〜 Waterfall & cave exploration 〜 Cacao & tea circle 〜 Drum journey & Ceremonial arts 〜 Arrow breaking ceremony〜 Solo time in forest 〜 Empowering connection & togetherness & more!〜

Location: The immersion location nests in the Southern Appalachia, about 1,5 hours southwest from Asheville. The location is surrounded by majestic mountains, pristine rivers, waterfalls and enchanted temperate rainforest of North Carolina. All the food will be provided and prepared on the open fire.



-EARLY BIRD until July 15, 2020: $495 ($555 after) – Bring your own camping gear.

– Save up $100 by BRINGING YOUR FRIEND: two for $890.

-Rate includes breakfast, snack and dinner each day.

– 100% refund if the event is canceled due to COVID-19.

Space limited to 13 women.

***NOTE! 10% of the profit goes toward native Cherokee children’s education project (more info coming soon)***

$100 deposit (non-refundable) upon registration. Rest of the payment due July 31, 2020. Payment plan option available.

*This retreat is open to all female, non-binary, and femme-identifying people*





Orientation Call: We will have an orientation call about a week prior to the event.

Opening Circle: begins at 2 pm on Friday, August 14, 2020 at a set meeting location. We will drive & backpack into the basecamp location, set up the tents and enjoy a dinner snack and tea followed by courting a spark collectively with bowdrill kits and entering our opening ceremony.

Closing Circle: will be complete on Tuesday, August 18, by 3pm and you will be back at your car by 4pm. 

Airports: The immersion location is about 1,5 hours southwest of the Asheville Regional Airport. Relatively close airports include: Greenville-Spartanburg Airport about a 2,5 hours drive from the location; Atlanta airport about a 2,5 hours drive; Knoxville MacGhee Tyson airport about a 3 hours drive; Charlotte airport about a 3.5 hour drive. Specific address and directions will be given upon registration.


Lena Ruark- Eastes: Through her contagious joy and energy, Lena motivates and inspires people to take action to bring peace, beauty and justice on Earth.

She is gifted at finding creative solutions to problems, from the details to the cultural re-weaving. She guides and leads by listening to her intuitive wisdom and encouraging others to drop into their inner knowings. Her authentic curiosity and question asking invites others to find truth.

Lena offers empathetic listening in a way that deeply meets the needs of others to be heard and understood. She is blessed with a generosity of Spirit, positivity, and open heartedness that welcomes all she meets and loves. Lena is continually located as an uplifter and protector of childhood, human and Earth rights, and ceremony. She is a thresHOLDER. She holds Rites of Passage ceremonies for Birth and Becoming a Mother, Marriage and Self Marriage, and she has artfully tended the threshold from Girlhood into Womanhood for the past decade through Earth Path’s 5 day Rites of Passage Ceremony for young women. Lena is a carrier of fierce grace, singer for the Earth, blesser of waters, creative artist of cultural renewal and seed planter. She flies with hummingbird medicine and walks with the power of the wild cats.

You may find her playing her flute to the rising sun, arranging flowers for a celebration, hiding in a bush during a Deer and Coyote game with kids, singing under a waterfall in the middle of winter, or helping to create dignified jobs for women living in communities vulnerable to extreme poverty and human trafficking. Her love and communication with the plant world is a wonder and she’s a devoted student, teacher, mentor, mother, wife, daughter and friend.

Sanni Paakkonen: Grounded visionary, forest walker, emissary of a new paradigm leadership. Devoted to experience pure potential of a human being, Sanni holds loving and centered space to discover our True Nature. Sanni naturally inspires people to see their own brilliance and step into their power as a creators of their own life on Earth. Born and raised in Finland, Nordic forests and tales brought her to a deep connection with nature and led her into a well-rounded study on empowered living & self-discovery over the last 13 years in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Sanni shares her service through yoga trainings (E-RYT500), True Nature Embodiment programs, intuitive dance practices, meditation, frequency work, ceremonial arts & core- shamanic practices, and intentional journeys to sacred sanctuaries of nature. Her offerings are known to be transformative, deep, playful and empowering. Sanni walks the Earth with grace and calm confidence, dances with the creative force of the feminine and pours her contagious love into every relationship that comes on her way.

Sanni has experienced her pilgrimage to sacred sites on Earth to be a powerful catalyst for deeper communication with the inner gatekeepers and mystery school of Nature. She holds space for the journeys that unlock the open intelligence within bringing eco-mythology and true wisdom of yoga alive in one’s daily life. By learning to listen to the song of the winds and stay rooted in storm one can reveal the underlying power of timeless Nature and claim one’s space as a sovereign creator being. Life becomes a living prayer and every day a meaningful ceremony.