September 21-23, 2018

Do you hear the Wildwoman calling you?

“I invite you to listen. Really listen to that place that lives deep down in the dark recesses of your body.  Deep down where your knowing dwells.  Can you hear me?  I am the voice that rides the winds.  I am the hair that stands on end when you meet the unknown and the unseen.  I am the magnetic force that pulls you like a compass to the ancient grandmother tree in the woods.  I am the weight that pulls you down to fully experience the earth and the depth of your grief.  I am the crescendo of joy that spills you over into deep belly aching laughter. I am the jolt that awakes your body with a  flash of lightening and a growl of thunder.  I am that place of presence within you and without you that is of the living and the breath.”

Are you ready to live the way you were born to live, true to your highest calling?  Do you hunger for a more empowered, self-created life?  Are you tired of living from old places of fear and limitation?  Are you ready to surrender into trust and the intuitive knowing of your wild soul?


You know there is more to life than you are currently allowing.  You feel the deeper longings of your soul to open, dance, play, create, explore, radiate, receive and love bigger than you ever have. You are ready to experience and express more of the full spectrum of your BEING.

Located near Asheville, NC

Join us for Wildwoman 2018

September 21-23, 2018

Move through fears and beliefs that obscure your true path.

Listen to the wise woman within.

Clear away old crap and cultural constructs that have kept you caged.

Embody your wild vast creative feminine power!

The Wildwoman lives in all of us.

Whether pressed underground or fully expressed in our lives, she will not be denied. She demands our attention through anxiety, depression, exhaustion, illness, drama and addictions if she cannot get our attention any other way. We need her vitality, her feral juiciness, her instinctual knowing, her disregard for bullshit and her creative receptivity in order thrive.

mujer-bailando-con-la-luna–Playful, wily, uncontrollable, unpredictable:  if we do not allow spontaneity, playfulness and joy into our lives, the Wildwoman will turn things topsy turvy.

–Juicy, sensual and embodied:   The Wildwoman celebrates her sexuality.  She is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine on Earth.  She adores and adorns her own body with reverence and delight.  She does not desecrate her vessel with those who do not treat her well. She does not settle for crumbs of comfort.  She enjoys her body on her own terms.  She knows her worth and waits for what she wants. She is whole unto herself and fully available for love and communion.

–Energized and full of vitality: The Wildwoman cares for herself in such a way that she feels nourished, replenished, inspired and ready for action.  She also knows when to rest and does not give herself a hard time about it.   She trusts her own innate rhythms and seasons.

we are stardust–Listens to the Spirit of the Earth and the Stars – The Wildwoman lives in deep communion and sacred reciprocity with Mother Earth.  She listens to the trees, the rivers, the stones, the wind and all of the creature teachers. She recognizes the signs being sent to her in every moment. She remembers that we are all star dust and shines her own Light out into the world as a beacon to those who are ready to wake up.

–Free from cultural conditioning:  The Wildwoman chooses her actions each day from the wisdom and guidance of her  own soul, not the timelines or expectations of anyone or anything outside of herself.  She trusts her intuitive 4d76e4bfb86f1b6bb9fdcf1c001796a9knowing and she’s not afraid to say “I don’t have a f…ing clue!” She knows that she will know when she knows. There is no rush. She’s right on time.

–Unafraid of her wild, vast, feminine power:  The Wildwoman says “YES” to her YES and she honors her NO.  She does not make herself small to make others comfortable.  She does not waste her precious time, energy or attention on people or situations that are not in alignment with who she really is. She uses her power and her fierce, loving presence to create the new world, one breath at a time.

–Inhabits her Wholeness:  The Wildwoman embraces her Light and Dark, her strength and vulnerability, her Maiden and Mother, her Witch and Warrioress, her Sexuality and Sovereignity, her Emotions and her Brilliance, her Sensitivity and her Knowing, her Love and her Fears, her Grief and her Anger.

sisterhood1–Supported by Community:  In owning her wholeness, the Wildwoman attracts a tribe of people who can meet her. As long as we are in resistance, repression, denial or shame of any part of ourselves we will resist our partners, our friends, our children and the opportunities that life is trying to bring to us.


Old woman image-1–Trusts herself:  The Wildwoman feels safe within herself because she knows how to BE WITH whatever arises within her – rather than numbing, reacting, distracting, acting out, or seeking someone else to soothe her uncomfortable feelings.  As long as we look to others to make us safe we will never feel safe. It is only through the practice of becoming a safe space for ourselves that we are able to offer safety to the world.

–Lives from Abundance:   The Wildwoman knows no lack.  She makes requests and asks for what she wants from a place of calm co-creation rather than from desperation or demanding. If the answer is “No,” she will be OK. There are lots of other options available for her.


Elemental Initiations


Descend into the fertile Earth,

meet the Wildwoman within,

and activate your Wildish nature.




AIR:  Shamanic Breathwork™

Clear away cultural concepts that no longer serve you,

commune with your Source

and activate soul’s highest vision




FIRE:  Fire dance

Deepen your connection to your own creative fires,

and transform your fear into juicy creative power.






Allow the waters of western North Carolina

to bring healing,forgiveness and renewal

to your body, heart and spirit.




Laughter & Play ~ Storytelling & Singing ~ Dancing & Drumming


Dates and Times:

Opening Circle begins at 5pm on Friday, Sept. 21st.  We ask that you arrive around 4pm so that you can set up your tent.  Closing Circle will be Sunday, Sept 23rd at 3pm.  The Asheville Airport, it is about a 15 minute drive to downtown Asheville.  The event venue is about 45 minutes from Asheville. You also have the option to fly into Charlotte airport, which a 2.5 hr drive to Asheville.  Specific address and directions will be given upon registration.  We will have an Orientation call prior to the weekend that will  connect women wanting to carpool to the site.


Location & Registration details for 2018 coming soon!




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